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Emily, Moneypenny PA


Pay as you go answering
for your mobile

Moneypenny PAs answering the business calls you miss on your mobile.

• Capture every enquiry
• Look bigger
• No more voicemail

£5 per month plus PAYG calls. No contract.

Discover why

How it works

Moneypenny Mobile Answering App

Fully briefed
on your business

Knowledgeable, friendly and professional, we know exactly what to say to your callers.
Moneypenny Mobile Answering App, Messages

Missed call on
your mobile

New calls and customer calls are answered by us. Everyone else is sent to voicemail.
Good morning, Wilson and Co. How may I help you?
Moneypenny PA

answers the call

Your caller appreciates speaking to a real person rather than voicemail.
Moneypenny Mobile Answering App, Messages

Messages sent
to the app

No missed business and a
professional image every time.

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Additional features that add value

Out of Hours Answering

We're here to look after your calls
on Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 6.00pm.
Extend the Moneypenny service
to answer your calls 24/7.
£5 per month.
Calls charged at standard
2p per second.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Voicemail is used when you miss a call out of hours or when you miss a call from your friends.
Your voicemails are transcribed as text messages.
£5 per month

Caller Transfer

Want us to put your missed mobile
calls through to another
phone number?
Have your calls transferred to any
other UK mobile or landline.
£5 per month.
Calls charged at standard
2p per second.

The simple to use app

App Home Screen
Pa notes

Let us know what to tell your callers

Your callers will appreciate speaking to a real person rather than voicemail (90% of enquiries don't leave voicemails).

Let us know what you'd like us to tell them.

Mobile Answering

View your Messages

Message details are sent through to you, making it easy for you to see who you need to get back to.

No more lost business.

VIP Callers

Create your VIP Callers list

Let us know who your VIP Callers are. All new callers and everyone on your VIP Callers list will come through to Moneypenny. Everyone else will be sent to voicemail.

Voicemail Greeting

Personalise your Voicemail Greeting

Voicemail is used for your missed calls out of hours, or when you miss a call from your friends.

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Join 1000s of entrepreneurs like you

Paul Barnes, Web Designer
testimonial quote

...voicemail was halving my enquiries... Moneypenny's epic.

Paul Barnes
Web Designer

Paul Wise, Lawn Veterinary Centre
testimonial quote

Moneypenny has made our lives a lot easier.

Paul Wise
Lawn Veterinary Centre

James Wyatt, Barton Wyatt
testimonial quote

Everyone should be using Moneypenny.

James Wyatt
Barton Wyatt

Niamh Stephenson, Event in a Tent

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Gary Adams, Training Consultant Contractor
testimonial quote

I had no idea I was losing this much business.

Now I'm using Moneypenny it means that I'm capturing every business opportunity.

Gary Adams
Training Consultant Contractor

Sarah Jones, Sarah's Flower Shop
testimonial quote

I lived in fear of not answering my mobile. Thank you Moneypenny.

Sarah Jones
Sarah's Flower Shop

Michael Roberts, Freelance Gardener
testimonial quote

New callers never left messages. Now I catch them all… business is good.

Michael Roberts
Freelance Gardener

Nikolay Piriankov, Rare Pink
testimonial quote

We tell everyone we meet how great Moneypenny is!

Nikolay Piriankov
Rare Pink

John Mitchell, Plumber
testimonial quote

You've got my back. Thank you.

John Mitchell


How long is my contract for?

We understand that no one likes being tied into a long-term contract. That's why we require only one month’s notice to cancel your subscription from the date of your next invoice.

What does the service cost?

The monthly subscription fee is £5 per month with calls charged at 2p per second. Only calls which exceed 5 seconds will be charged for. There is a minimum call charge of 30 seconds.

Why do you ask for access to my contacts?

To give you the best experience possible, we will need access to your contacts. This will allow you to flag which callers can come through to Moneypenny, create your VIP Callers list, and attribute your messages to the appropriate contact (letting you see your callers’ names, not just numbers). We value your privacy and will never communicate with your contacts, or share them with third parties.

Do you support mobile PAYG contracts?

You must have a pay monthly mobile contract to divert your voicemail to Moneypenny. Your mobile network provider must support conditional call forwarding for this Moneypenny service to work.

What message details will be sent over to me?

Your Moneypenny PA will capture all of the personal details from the caller: their name, their company name, their telephone number, a message, and how to get back in touch with them. These details will then be visible within the Message section of the app and you can also choose to have them sent to your email address.

How do you know what is a personal call or a business call?

This is down to you. We’ve made it easy for you to tell us which callers go to Moneypenny. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create your VIP Callers list using your contacts. All new callers and everyone on your VIP Callers list will come through to Moneypenny. Everyone else will be sent to voicemail.